About Chatham

“The Chathams” is a term used in reference to shared services for two neighboring municipalities in Morris County – Chatham Borough and Chatham Township. The two are separate municipalities.  Chatham Township shares various joint public services with Chatham Borough: the school district, the library, the municipal court, the medical emergency squad, and recreation program.


Chatham Borough is located 20 miles west of New York City on the eastern edge of Morris County.  The Passaic River flows north along the eastern boundary of Chatham. A portion of the Great Swamp extends to the southern boundary of Chatham and other marshes surround the community to the north and northwest. The Great Swamp is a major watershed and a significant resting point for migratory birds. 


Within the Borough’s  2.4 square miles, there are residential areas reflecting the wide range of housing styles popular in America in the late-nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, a charming central business district on Main Street, small retail centers on the east and west ends of Main Street, several garden apartment complexes, and small industrial areas.

There are numerous annual events in which Chatham Borough celebrates and preserves its small town character, including the Fishing Derby at Kelley’s Pond, the Fishawack Festival, the Fourth of July Parade, and the Green Fair. In addition, a Farmers’ Market operates at the train station from late June to mid-November.

Chatham library
Chatham train station

New Jersey Transit


Chatham is easy to reach via the midtown direct line of NJ Transit. Train service from Chatham to Penn Station, NY is 45 minutes express / 55-60 minutes local.